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Hi: My name is Ronaldo Reis, I'm Brazilian, 66 years old.

I'm Captain (retired) of Brasilia's (DF) Fire Departament, and I live in Natal City, a wonderful city
in Rio Grande do Norte State, northeasth of Brazil, border of Atlantic Ocean (05.52'S / 35.10'W).

I'am married with Maria Luisa since 1976. We have 2 sons, Ronaldo Jr (1977) and Karla (1985).
From a previous relationship I have a daughter, Tatiana (1975).

We are a middle class couple and are very much in love.

We enjoy traveling alone, always looking for the best price on hotels and food, utilizing local
transportation, buses, subway etc.

Our passion is travel.

I have been involved in amateur radio and SWL since 1970.

I also collect postcards (cities), and stamps, FDC and other philatelic papers about the theme amateur radio and firefighters.

Best Regards, Ronaldo (PS7AB)